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Seeyond 3D Acoustic

New Seeyond 3D acoustic felt wall facings respond to high demand for sound management within increasingly popular open office space plans to help organizations create privacy, support concentration, and encourage collaboration.

Seeyond® Architectural Solutions announces the introduction of its new 3D acoustic wall facings designed for open office environments. The recycled acoustic felt material and the air space within the 3D modules combine to absorb sound efficiently at a minimum 0.75 NRC rating. Further, the nature of the tessellated complex form diffuses additional sound by virtue of its inherently dynamic shape. Together, these proprietary sound-management attributes deliver a significant challenge to the current flat-panel acoustic solutions available on the market.

news moveable wall

Newest Seeyond Select line responds to high demand for easy reconfiguration of open spaces to easily accommodate interaction and communication dynamics that are always in flux.

Seeyond® Architectural Solutions announces the introduction of its newest ready-to-ship Seeyond Select collection. This newest line is predesigned as an integrated system of mobile walls that can be moved by anyone at anytime to accommodate changing work dynamics. A key to the ease of mobility is the high-performance transfer bearings inside each mobile base. Each wall is either curved or angled and made of highly durable metal composite. The new versatile mobile wall system offers varying wall shapes and heights and is ideal for fast and efficient reconfiguration of open spaces.


New Seeyond Select line responds to high demand for off-the-shelf architectural features.

Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions announces the introduction of its new ready-to-ship line called Seeyond Select. The first iteration of the new line includes three mobile walls and two wall facings all made of cellular resin. Any wall can be mobile or non-mobile. Any facing can be lighted or not.

SeeyondNeoCon NorthLobbyBlue

Minneapolis, MN – Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions was honored in the prestigious Best of NeoCon® 2013 competition, sponsored by Contract magazine. Adding to a growing list of industry accolades, Seeyond was recognized by this year’s judges with a Gold award for its new collaboration-space movable walls, and a Silver award in the decorative lighting category for its lighted wall facings.

cloud ceilings

Minneapolis, MN – Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions recently installed three unique ceiling cloud features: a recessed cloud in the Minneapolis offices of a global commercial real-estate company; a suspended cloud in the lobby area of a tropical resort in the Caribbean; and a wall-to-ceiling cloud transition at a construction-services firm in Chicago.

mobile-walls final

Metropolis magazine, one of the premier publications in the world of design and architecture, chose Seeyond as one of the top attractions of NeoCon 2012. The “Metropolis Likes” designation recognizes design solutions that its editor in chief, Susan S. Szenasy, describes as “unexpected and urgent—ideas that strike us as beautiful, useful and brilliant.”


Adding to a growing list of industry accolades, Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions was honored in the prestigious Best of NeoCon® 2012 competition, sponsored by Contract magazine.


Imagine the possibilities for using Seeyond in a creative services business. We know many marketing, advertising, public relations and Web agencies that work out of open, loft-style spaces.


We’re thrilled to share this feature story on Seeyond in the December issue of Metropolis magazine. Metropolis is among the world’s premier publications on architecture and design. In “Infinity and Seeyond,” the feature’s author — Editorial Director Paul Makovsky — really demonstrates a fine grasp of what makes our parametric design-build system so revolutionary [...]

seeyond zwall

This Seeyond feature really shows off the versatility of this parametric design-and-build solution. Look at how the different angles and lines, on multiple planes, are effortlessly incorporated into this Z-wall. The Seeyond solution allows architects and designers to create virtually anything they can imagine. Let us help you bring your vision to life.

Khanh-NguyenKhanh says his best idea is yet to come. He knows his worst idea, though: painting his first car purple. As our technical support wizard, Khanh loves the speed, efficiency and affordability of the Seeyond solution. From his parents, he learned to work hard and take pride in what he does. Khanh’s dream is to play professional soccer and then go live on a remote island where life would be simple and worry-free. He values honesty and wishes for unlimited patience.


Here’s a Seeyond installation going up in downtown Minneapolis. We call this one a “diamond wall.” It’s just one of the virtually endless possibilities with this unique, parametric design-and-build system.

Jeff-KatzenbergerKnown to all simply as “Katz,” Jeff does the hands-on work to bring Seeyond creations to life as installer and project manager. He gets fulfillment from delivering the customer’s vision. Jeff is nothing if not diligent; he recently set out to paint one room in his house and wound up painting every room in a single weekend. No wonder he admires Wile E. Coyote, who never quit trying. Jeff is a lover of Minnesota lake life who doesn’t like hearing the word “impossible.”